Wilderness Survival

Wilderness Survival Instructor Bill Banner


Change is in the air up here at JC High Country. This spring, in addition to our world class hunting and wilderness adventure trips, we will be offering wilderness survival and back-country skills courses. These courses will provide the opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced outdoorsmen in the industry. Students will have the chance to challenge themselves and experience what it really means to live off of the land. 

Whether you come through our courses or not, we will also be including posts here with which we hope to help readers become more confident and proficient in the great outdoors. You never know which post could benefit you or even save your life. We will cover topics such as: Emergency skills, living off the land, first aid, equipment considerations, and how to travel safely and efficiently through the wilderness. 

I am the new Chief Survival Instructor here at JC High Country. For a more detailed description of my background and qualifications please check out my instructor bio page. In a nutshell however, I am a former Marine Corps Scout Sniper and Mountain Survival Instructor. I may have some experience, but I realize that everyone I meet knows something that I don’t. So by all means, any comments or feedback to my posts would be greatly appreciated. Lets make this a place to exchange some knowledge and better ourselves as outdoors-men and women.

-Bill Banner