A little about our wilderness experts…

BLM_0178Joseph Cereghino
Owner/Operator of JC High Country

Joe Cereghino purchased the Pack Station in 2003 and began JC High Country, providing wilderness adventure trips.  Joe has over 20 years experience packing groups into the wilderness and being a professional hunting and fishing guide, and an avid outdoorsman.  

Joe worked for nearly a decade as a packer and guide in the Bitterroot region of Montana and Idaho where he learned the intensive trade and safety for packing mules and guiding folks in the wilderness. Prior to that, Joe worked as a Wild Land Firefighter for the US Forest Service.

William2William A. Banner

Bill has eight years of military experience in the Marine Corps, the majority of his time being spent in a Scout Sniper Platoon. He has been deployed four times to various locations around the globe, two of which were tours to Afghanistan. He served his final two years as an instructor at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center near Bridgeport, CA.

Bill instructed Mountain Scout Sniper and Wilderness Survival Courses to the Marines, other U.S. Military Branches, Foreign Military Units, and Local Law Enforcement. As a civilian he has continued to instruct and perfect his skills. Bill has training and certifications in Mountaineering, Winter Warfare (Norwegian Allied Officers Winter Warfare Course), Mountain Scout Sniper, Mountain Survival, Arctic Survival, Jungle Warfare, and Combat Tracking.