Pack Stations

Little Antelope Pack Station…


We offer Pack Trips, Guiding Trips, Hunting Trips, Special Events, Riding Trips and more. Click these links to see our High Sierras Fishing and our High Sierras Hunting pages for some great photos. For Backpackers, we can pack your gear in or out, or bring equipment and supplies to a desired location for you. All of our trips and services can be customized to meet your needs.

Spot Trips

Whether a round trip package or a one way drop off, this is the ideal way to see the Sierras. Your party is guided to a picturesque campsite, while pack mules bring all your camp comforts. You hike or ride our sturdy mountain horses and mules.

Extended Pack Trips

This service can be made where the packer and the stock remain with the party all the time so you may move from one camp to another as you wish. Trips can be customized to meet your needs.

Backpacker or Dunnage Trips

This service is popular with backpackers looking for an extended stay in the high country. Members of your group can ride or hike, we provide the transportation of your gear to a prearranged spot.

Daily Trail Rides

Plan an unforgettable day to compliment your Eastern Sierra vacation. Day Trips can be customized to meet your needs.

All Inclusive

All Inclusive trips include a guide, cook, stock, food, and excursions. Your only job is to enjoy the wilderness. Pricing varies with size and duration of trip.

Please Call us to book and customize your ideal pack trip, or click here to go to our Contact Page and send us an email! 

Joe Cereghino