How to build a Quincy Hut

Ever wonder how to build an igloo? Well here is the cheater’s version, the Quincy Hut…

The Quincy Hut (or Quinzhee hut)  is a great shelter option in shallow snow where digging a snow cave is impossible. Essentially all you need to do is make a massive pile of compacted snow and burrow into it.

Snow is actually a great insulating material for winter shelters. The inside temperature of a Quincy Hut shelter will stay somewhere around 32 degrees. That may sound cold, but when it is in the single digits or less outside, that is a HUGE difference. Personally, I would prefer a Quincy Hut over a tent in the winter back country. 

Quincy Hut Notes:

*Remember to keep a shovel with you when you sleep. It is possible for a hard winter storm to snow you in while you sleep.

*Crack the door a little or poke ventilation holes through the walls to prevent suffocation. It is unlikely, but possible.

*After digging in, you will be soaked! I recommend having an extra set of dry clothes handy. Otherwise, you will have to build a fire to dry off.